Purple Rice (1kg)

  • Purple rice is not sticky and glutenous like Black rice, and is slightly lighter in colour. The colour also leeches in cooking, giving it a royal purple finish (as opposed to black). This blackish-purple pigment is known as anthocyanin and is found in other dark plants such as aubergine, blackberries and purple corn. This compound is getting a lot of attention these days because of its anti-oxidant properties that are both fat and water-soluble.

    It can be eaten in place of white or brown rice as a better nutritional choice. Another way is to mix a teaspoon of purple rice into your raw white rice (sushi, jasmine or parboiled) and change the rice into a bright purple colour for the kids to gawk over. Carbohydrates don't have to be white nor do they have to be empty.

    This product used to be called Wild Rice, however following some customer feedback we've decided to rename it to Purple Rice to avoid confusion any confusion with other wild rice varieties.

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