Grain Guru Organic Cotton Bag

It all starts with a little change...

The 10 leading supermarkets in the UK produce 1.2 billion single-use plastic product bags a year.

Grain Guru has been around for just under a year and the idea of adding to this problem weighed heavily on our conscience. We have started to ask our importers and suppliers to ship things to us in larger bulk quantities to help reduce plastic use. We have also tried to reduce the number of packaging boxes we buy by reusing the ones we've received. We have spent months rethinking our own packaging and how we can break away from the cycle. Our idea stemmed from how rice and grains were once purchased from central markets before the days of plastic.

Now you can have your Grain Guru rice packaged in an organic cotton drawstring bag that is totally reusable and recyclable! 

Here are some cool uses for your cotton bag after your rice is finished:

  • Refill it at a Grain Guru Ricebot or any bulk food retail store 
  • Lunch or snack bag
  • To ripen bananas or avocados at home
  • Keep your headphones or battery pack and cable tidy
  • Keep your umbrella in it
  • Keep socks, underwear or gloves tidy in your travel bag

Our commitment is to help you throw one less piece of plastic away every time you buy from us and reduce waste in your neighbourhood, but the choice to do so is still yours.

As part of our commitment to change, all purchases of the 500g Grain Guru rices will come in these cotton bags, on us. Please note that it will come without the usual labelling- less waste, more haste. 

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