This is Rice changing...

Thank-you to everyone who came to meet our Ricebot! 

We hope you liked what you saw!

Here is our story: 

Grain Guru started out last year as an online grocer. We put many hours into our packaging because we wanted to give you something durable, safe and reusable. Most of us would buy rice from the supermarket, tear open the plastic packet and decant into a jar or tub (because we all know how useless the "resealable sticker" is). The first generation Grain Guru packaging aimed to improve this. We use a thick, 200 micron plastic zip-lock bag so that you don't have to decant the rice. It is hygienically sealed and is resealable. It is so durable that you can reuse it to pack anything wet from unused veggies to sarnies to toiletries. But it is still plastic.

Grain Guru grew a conscience: Are we polluting more as we eat better?
We encourage our followers to cook at home. We advocate eating a variety of grains and rices, but all of these come in single-use plastic bags. *deep inhale*

Retailers downward delegate the recycling to the end users (you and me). They will package it in whatever suits them, sell it to us and the rest of the responsibility lies in our hands. The 10 leading supermarkets in the UK produce 1.2 billion single-use plastic product bags a year. Grain Guru does not want to be a part of that statistic. 

Nothing happens over night so we pledge to gradually change our packaging over to unbleached organic cotton bags in the year 2020. For our online sales: all 1kg products are still in the strong plastic zip-lock bags but all 500g products will come in Grain Guru's organic cotton drawstring bag. Strong, safe, hygienic and reusable. This is what our ancestors used before plastic was invented. We believe that by innovating something old we could create something new.

Today, Grain Guru is developing machines to dispense grain without single-use plastic packaging. Ricebot is the first of her kind, many different types of dried food dispensers will follow in her success. Soon we would like all retailers to have these hygienic dispensers instead of the open-air pick 'n mix.

We want to be the change we want to see in retail.  So if you have a health food shop that you'd like us to install a Ricebot: email us at

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