RICE UP YOUR LIFE at the PlantPoweredExpo 2020

Chief Guru Kimberley is going to RICE UP YOUR LIFE



Cooking demo at International Cuisine Cookery Stage- PlantPoweredExpo 2020, Olympia London. 1 February 2020, 11:00.

Two fifths of your plate is taken up by carbohydrates. In this decade, we have made an enormous emphasis on eating (or not eating) meat, which only takes up only one fifth of our plate. Meanwhile, we have neglected to upgrade the quality of our carbs. It’s time we put more thought into where we spend our calories and how they are working for us. This is why I created Grain Guru. We advocate good eating mentalities and would like people to look at rice differently and see it for the versatile, democratic and allergen-friendly grain that it is.

At this year’s, PlantPoweredExpo I have prepared a rice masterclass for the International Cuisine stage. Starting by demonstrating some best rice practices on how to pick, wash and cook rice. Explaining the benefits of mixing grains, meal-prep guides and safe storage tips. Then making three fun, Asian rice dishes: black rice congee (Chinese), onigiri (Japanese) and japgokbap multi grain rice with vegan sides (Korean).

The Grain Guru shop can be found on Stall GE5, close to the stage. Attendees will be invited to claim their free cotton bag so that they can engage and operate the first prototype of our new eco-dispenser: Ricebot®. This machine aims to dispense rice and grains hygienically, precisely and automatically into reusable cotton bags. Love your neighbourhood by changing the way you buy the basic staples.

Rice x Robotics

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